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Legalizing Marijuana – Don’t put your house at risk!

Marijuana may become legal in the coming months, but growing it in your house is still a really, really bad idea. Unfortunately, at this point lenders and insurers view one plant on the deck or out in the garden, the same as 100 plants in a moist and moldy basement, and this can cause problems with financing and insuring your home. Most lenders will not finance a home if the current owners check off on the property disclosure statement (must be completed on all sales) that Marijuana has been grown on the property (inside or out). This can dramatically af...

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Are House Prices Going to Drop?

The number one question I am hearing recently is, “Are house prices going to drop because of these new mortgage and tax rules?” First, I don’t know for sure, but based on what I see in the market and the actual stats, not the headlines, I think the market will definitely slow but not drop. Let’s remember, last year was the best year ever in the history of the Central Okanagan Real Estate Board. Yes, we are down from an absolutely crazy year but we are still having a very good year and though the number of sales is down, prices are...

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