Kelowna Neighbourhoods

Kelowna is a city located in southern British Columbia, Canada. Surrounded by the natural profusion of the Okanagan Valley, the city offers all the amenities of a modern metropolis. Kelowna’s mild weather and epitomizing natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year from all around the world. The city’s inimitable combination of natural attractions and modern life facilities has made Kelowna a popular relocation destination. Being dubbed as one of the most livable cities in Canada, Kelowna is home to 122,000 people. Father Charles M. Pandosy, who had arrived in 1859, was the first European to settle in Kelowna. It was not until 1905 that the city was officially incorporated. Since then, Kelowna has served as the economic hub of the Okanagan Valley with a blooming fruit industry and tourism sector. Kelowna also has an emerging light industrial sector which plays a vital role in the local economy.

Black Mountain

With a panoramic view of the dazzling Okanagan Valley and acres of green space, Black Mountain is a 15 minute drive through Highway 33 to the centre of the city. Situated on the North side of Mission Creek, the neighborhood is also in the proximity of Kelowna International Airport and the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Some of Canada’s finest golf courses including the magnificent Black Mountain golf course are located here, making it a paradise for golf enthusiasts. Besides embracing the glamour of Mother Nature, Black Mountain is well served with schools, restaurants and shopping facilities.

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Black Mountain Elementary, Rutland Senior, Rutland Middle, Belgo Elementary

Crawford Estate

Crawford Estates is a picturesque neighborhood which lies on the southern slopes of the Upper Mission. Nestled amongst vineyards and orchards, the area is home to many famous wineries. Cedar Creek, Tantalus, Summerhill Winery are some of the renowned local wineries of Crawford Estates. There are 3 parks in and nearby the neighborhood including the Mission Creek Park and the Kettle Valley Myra Canyon Park. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Okanagan Mission Secondary, Dorthea Walker Elementary, Anne McClymont Elementary

Dilworth Mountain

Dilworth Mountain is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Kelowna because of its central position. Dilworth is accessible from Summit Drive at the west, Dilworth Drive at the south and Rifle Road to the north. It stands in close proximity to Kelowna International Airport and shopping centres like Orchard Plaza, Orchard Park Mall, Dilworth Centre and Spall Plaza. The hillside community also features marvelous views of the Okanagan valley and the lake. Selkirk Park, Lillooet Park, Dilworth Mountain Park and Dilworth Soccer Park are the parks which are spread over Dilworth Mountain.

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Bankhead Elementary School, Watson Road Elementary School, Dr. Knox Middle School, Glenmore Elementary School, North Glenmore Elementary School


Living in Ellison will give you an experience of countryside lifestyle in a metropolitan area. Ellison is a fascinating, peaceful neighborhood with multiple hobby firms and acreages. Ellison starts at the junction of Old Vernon Road and Highway 97, extending as far as Duck Lake. The neighborhood is a mere 5 minutes drive from the airport and 25 minutes away from downtown. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Ellison Elementary


Glenmore has been a popular residential area in Kelowna for a long time. Being one of the oldest and largest neighborhoods in Kelowna, Glenmore offers easy access to all necessary conveniences. It is located in the north of Highway 97, in between Gordon and Spall. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Bankhead Elementary School, Glenmore Elementary School, Watson Road Elementary School, Dr. Knox Middle School, Glenmore Elementary School, North Glenmore Elementary School

North Glenmore

Bordering the Northern Kelowna city limits, North Glenmore lies between the Kelowna International Airport and Kelowna downtown. It is also close to Kelowna General Hospital and central shopping areas including the Orchard Park Mall. The area also features restaurants, groceries and banks making it a more desirable option for new families and retirees to settle in.  

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Bankhead Elementary School, Glenmore Elementary School, Watson Road Elementary School, North Glenmore Elementary School

Kettle Valley

Kettle Valley is an upscale community located in Upper Mission, Kelowna. It is a village specifically designed to foster an exclusive, luxurious lifestyle. The village boasts of outspread parks and wildlife sanctuary, bewildering views and a state of the art, multi-purpose village centre. All required amenities can be found within walking distances in the village. Kettle Valley has been named the ‘’Best Community in Canada’’ by the Canadian Home Builders Association. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Chute Lake Elementary School

Kelowna North

Kelowna North comprises of the oldest neighborhoods of Kelowna and captures glimpses of the city’s earliest days.  Once the original city of Kelowna, this area hosts a number of historical establishments in the area. Kelowna North is located in downtown Kelowna, encompassing the area north of Highway 97, west of Gordon Drive, the base of Knox Mountain and the east shore of Okanagan Lake. Kelowna North is tempting choice for new residents because of its amenities and attractions. Kelowna North is the cultural heart of Kelowna and features many galleries, museums, theatres and studios. Prospera Place, Kelowna Rockets’ 6000 seat home venue, is also located in this part of the city.  Residents also have the opportunity to take a stroll in the beautiful surroundings of Waterfront Park, the Kelowna Boardwalk or the Knox Mountain Park.

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Bankhead Elementary, Glenmore Elementary, KLO Middle School

Kelowna South

Like Kelowna North, Kelowna South also offers its residents proximity to grocery stores, boutique shops, banks, shopping malls and other amenities. The area of Kelowna South stretches from Highway 97 to K.L.O road and from Okanagan Lake to Gordon Drive. The Kelowna General Hospital and Okanagan University College is situated here. Excellent restaurants and pubs can be found around this area including Urban Fair, Starbucks and the BC Signature Liquor store. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Raymer Elementary, KLO Middle School, Casorso Elementary

McKinley Landing

McKinley Landing is an intriguing lakeside community lying a few kilometers north of Knox Mountain Park. The neighborhood is a half an hour drive from downtown via Glenmore road. Even though McKinley Landing is one of the newer communities in Kelowna, it could be an ideal place to call home. McKinley Landing offers the allure of living a quiet life beside the pristine waters of the heavenly Okanagan Lake. Satisfactory levels of facilities are available in the neighborhood and new access route projects are underway to ensure quicker access to the community. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Glenmore Elementary, Dr Knox Middle School, North Glenmore Elementary

Lower Mission

Lower Mission is the oldest community in Kelowna and date backs to 1859, when Father Charles M. Pandosy had homesteaded in the area.  Lower Mission runs along KLO road, ending in Barnaby Road. On the other side it runs from the Okanagan Lake to Gordon Drive. Lower Missions is 5 minutes away from downtown and Kelowna General Hospital, 10-15 minutes away from Orchard Park Shopping Centre and 30 minutes away from the airport. Only a few communities in Kelowna can rival Lower Mission for its paradigmatic family friendly environment and vibrant natural surroundings. Gyro Beach, Kelowna’s most popular beach, is in Lower Missions. Lower Missions is also home to the Mission Greenway, Michealbrooke Ranch Golf Club, Summerhill Winery and many other tourist attractions. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Anne McClymont Elementary, Dorothea Walker Elementary, Casorso Elementary, Okanagan Mission Secondary, KLO Middle School, Kelowna Secondary School

Upper Mission

Upper Mission is a residential area located on the southern hills of Kelowna, consisting of heritage and modern homes. Popular neighborhoods like Kettle Valley, Crawford Estate and Southridge are part of the Upper Mission. Upper Mission includes the area east of Okanagan Lake and south of Barnaby Road. Upper Mission portrays the scenic variance of the Okanagan Valley with its ravishing parks, paths and walking trails. Upper Mission offers the most nurturing surroundings to children with abundance of playgrounds and schools in the vicinity. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Anne McClymont Elementary, Casorso Elementary, KLO Middle School, Dorothea Walker Elementary, Okanagan Mission Secondary, Kelowna Secondary School.

Rutland North

Rutland North sits conveniently in the northern region of Kelowna. It is south of Highway 33 and west of Springfield road. The area is only 30 minutes to the Big White ski resort and about 10 minutes to Kelowna International Airport. Rutland North has several parks, grocery stores, pharmacies, specialty shops and other amenities. The neighborhood also boasts of a variety of hobby firms and vineyards. Ben Lee Park and the YMCA recreational complex are also based in Rutland North. Being one of the central neighborhoods in Kelowna, Rutland North is a favorable choice to call home. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Belgo Elementary, Pearson Road Elementary, Rutland Elementary, Quigely Elementary, Springvalley Elementary, South Rutland Elementary, Springvalley Middle, Rutland Middle, Rutland Senior

Rutland South

Rutland South is located in the north east side of Kelowna. It is a 40 minute drive from the Big White ski resort, 15 minutes from Kelowna International Airport and 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna. The neighborhood also enjoys close proximity to the University of British Columbia campus. Shopping centres including Costco and Walmart, doctors, dentists, banks, groceries and other necessary amenities can be found here. The community is also close to the Mission Creek Greenway. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS: Belgo Elementary, Pearson Road Elementary, Rutland Elementary, Quigely Elementary, Springvalley Elementary, South Rutland Elementary, Springvalley Middle, Rutland Middle, Rutland Senior


Springfield/Spall is a neighborhood in central Kelowna and because of its central position, has quicker access to all major amenities. The area lies in the flatbeds northwest of Mission Creek, south of Highway 97 and east of Gordon Drive. It is 10 minutes away from downtown Kelowna, 5 minutes from Orchard Park Mall, 5 minutes from Kelowna General Hospital and 10 minutes from Kelowna International Airport. The neighborhood is home to more than 21,000 people, consisting of retirement communities and family homes. The neighborhood has modern medical facilities like Spall Medical Centre and Capri Medical walk in. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  A.S. Matheson Elementary, Springvalley Elemantary, Belgo Elementary, Springvalley Middle, KLO Middle, Rutland Senior, Kelowna Secondary

South East Kelowna

South East Kelowna offers its residents a slow paced suburban lifestyle along with the perks of urban facilities. South East Kelowna expands from the south of Mission Creek, east of Swamp Road and borders McCulloch and Idabell lakes. It’s 20 minutes to downtown Kelowna, 15 minutes to Kelowna General Hospital and Orchard Park Mall and 30 minutes to Kelowna International Airport. Local residents enjoy a seamless life living around the pristine lake waters, colorful orchards and festive city atmosphere. Some of Kelowna’s most acclaimed golf courses are here including Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club and Harvest Golf Club. NEARBY SCHOOLS:  K.L.O Middle School, Kelowna Secondary School

University District

University District is an emerging community centered upon the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Located in the west side of Highway 97 from Sexsmith Road to Ellison Lake and right across the highway from Kelowna International Airport, the area constitutes the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School, the Quail and Bear golf courses at Okanagan golf club. Starbucks, Urban Liquor, the 4 points Sheraton Hotel and it’s Gulfstream restaurant are the highlights of available local amenities. 

NEARBY SCHOOLS:  Aberdeen Hall Preparatory, Rutland Elementary, Rutland Senior, Ellison Elementary


Lying in the hills between Okanagan Lake and Glenmore Valley, Wilden epitomizes the idea of living in the Okanagan landscape. Founded in 1994, the urban village like community can be accessed through the Glenmore Road at Union Road and via Upper Canyon Drive. The neighborhood is close to all major amenities and can be the ideal place to raise a family or spend the days of retirement.

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